Kapil India Tours is devoted to offering our clients the best experience in India! We are happy to assist you with any special requests for your travels with us, but here are some commonly asked questions to assist you!

Booking and Payment with Kapil India Tours

Payments for most journeys of smaller groups to individuals:

Once your itinerary is confirmed there will be a 50% deposit required.

The final payment is due no less than 7 days before you arrive in India.

For larger groups of travel:

Once your itinerary is confirmed there will be a 50% deposit required.

Payment in full is due no later and 25 days before arrival.

Forms of payment

We can accept credit cards and bank transfers at this time for payments.

Which are the financial institutions you are associated with?

ICICI, IDBI, SBI, Axis, HDFC banks, LIC Housing finance, and all the leading banks.

Do I need a Visa to enter India?

International tourists are required to have a visa to enter India. You can acquire a short-term 60-day visa online before you arrive. This is recommended to expedite your entry into the country; however, you can apply for an e-visa upon entry.

I have food allergies, can this be accommodated?

If you have food allergies, please let us know before you arrive in India. We can accommodate food sensitive diets with advanced notice for planning.

Airport arrival Pickup?

Airport pickup is available for all those who are traveling to India and book with Kapil India Tours. Pick up confirmation will be sent you before you arrive.

Upon arrival in India, you will make your way through passport security to baggage claim. Once you have gathered your luggage you will make your way to the arrival gates. Your driver will be waiting with your name on a placard. You will be given special instructions by the office if you are arriving on a holiday.

Transportation Safety and Standards?

Are your vehicles sanitized and clean?

Yes! Our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized daily. We also provide hand sanitizer and face masks for those who are in need.

Do your cars meet safety standards?

Yes. Our cars are all fully insured and are equipped with air conditioning! Our vehicles receive proper maintenance and care on a regular schedule as well as certified inspections to be sure they are up to safety standards.

Do you have baby seats for the car and are they wheelchair accessible?

Yes, baby seats are available for those who need, as well as vehicles that are wheelchair accessible. Please inform our team of these needs when booking your journey!

How many passengers can you accommodate in your vehicles?

We have vehicles that can serve any size group you want to bring! We have a fleet of comfortable and air-conditioned cars for those who are journeying solo, or with a guest. We also have a very cozy vans for families and small groups!

For larger groups, we have access to safe, sanitized, and comfortable buses you can tour your groups around in!

Do your drivers and guides speak English?

A.Yes, our drivers and guides speak English well. All of our guides and drivers are extremely knowledgeable of all the cities/villages, sites, and attractions you will see. Not all of our drivers function as a guide, so if you specifically need to work with a guide, please let us know when you are booking your journey with us!

Do you also make train and flight bookings?

A.Yes! We can help you with booking all the domestic flights and trains. International flight booking into and out of India is up to you!

Booking and Payment with Kapil India Tours

Payments for most journeys of smaller groups to individuals:

Once your itinerary is confirmed there will be a 50% deposit required.

The final payment is due no less than 7 days before you arrive in India.

Hotels and Accommodations

Will I need my passport for hotel check-ins?

Yes! All hotels will take a copy of your passport at check-in. It is required under the Foreigners Registration Act to submit details of any foreign visitors.

Types of Tours

Do you organize tours throughout India?

Yes. Kapil India Tours specializes in a variety of tours through all of India! We can work with individuals, small groups, and large groups to help you plan your dream journey.

From spiritual seekers, backpackers, culinary delights, and more, we are happy to help customize the right journey for you!

What kind of activities for families in India with children?

There is so much for children to enjoy in India including:
- Meet the elephants or ride a camel in the sanctuaries around India
- You can go on safari and see a tiger or more!
- Many theatrical shows around India that are fun and culturally educational!
- South India has some beautiful beach resorts for swimming
- You can even rent your houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala.
In some cases, age restrictions may apply for certain recreational activities!

Safety in India and other Travel info

Is it safe for a woman to travel in India alone?

Kapil India Tours is proud to be a company that takes all their travelers' safety seriously! We do offer private guided tours and have toured women safely through India. Our guides and drivers are there for you through your entire journey and can be contacted 24/7 throughout your entire time with us!

Traveling by Car?

Will we be able to stop for rest breaks?

Yes! Your driver and/or guide is there to accommodate your needs. Your driver will suggest places where you can stop for a break to eat and rest and enjoy some chai!

Is it safe to travel by train in India?

YES! The India Railway is safe for tourists to travel on. We know you have seen the images of overcrowded Indian trains, but when booking a long-distance express you will find the trains are comfortable, air-conditioned, reserved seating and sleeper cabins are also available. The train can also be a wonderful way to take in the scenes of the countryside and villages!

We can book your travels for you and your driver will get you to the station!

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