Pushkar Excursions

Pushkar Excursions

Tour Overview

These are Half day or Full day Tours which you can include in your India tours after doing the traditional sightseeing. These tours show India a different angle which normally a guide would not cover in the sightseeing. These are the best way to learn about the culture of this vast nation, and get closer to the diverse culture of Incredible India.

Detailed Itinerary

Four Religions in a Mile - Morning & Evening Walk
This walk can be easily replaced with the sightseeing tour of Pushkar, as this walk offers all in one. You will explore the presence of four prominent religions of India, in a walk only a mile long. Also you will have an opportunity to perform a ceremony as homage to your forefathers at the holy Pushkar Lake. Visit a famous temple with a blend of Rajput and Tamil Architecture. You will also observe the importance of the fire ritual - Havan. Walk through local markets and witness colorful traditional  dresses ,turban makers, perfume and craftsmen. Visit the famous Brahma Temple in Pushkar. Get a chance to taste local delicacies & share a chit chat with local priest over hot cup of tea.

Evening Photo walk in Pushkar town
This tour would be another value add on to your Pushkar sightseeing. This walk covers major Photographic dimensions of the town. Witness bustling market whose economy revolves around temple's & offerings to God. Understand the distinguish features of different school of paintings in Rajasthan. During this walk you will visit a Jain Temple with beautiful gold painted Idol of Mahavir. Take a short break druing the walk and enjoy a cup of tea at a roof-top cafe facing Pushkar Lake. Also visit a food junction of Pushkar's famous delicacies. Further in the walk explore a hidden temple with fusion of South / North Indian Architecture. And visit a temple older than the chief deity of Pushkar. Perform a ritual for your forefathers with a local priest at Principal Ghaat. End your tour at Pushkar lake with panoramic views of the dusk.

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