Udaipur Excursions

Udaipur Excursions

Tour Overview

These are Half day or Full day Tours which you can include in your India tours after doing the traditional sightseeing. These tours show India a different angle which normally a guide would not cover in the sightseeing. These are the best way to learn about the culture of this vast nation, and get closer to the diverse culture of Incredible India.

Detailed Itinerary

Cycle tour in Udaipur
We will pick you up from your hotel around 0630 am and proceed for the meeting point for cycling tour.  Taste the real flavour of Udaipur’s rich cultural heritage. Live few special moments from the golden era. This tour is very special as it gives a chance to peek into the hustle bustle of Udaipur’s city life in a short span of time. Get ready to explore the heart of Udaipur & absorb the dedication of the local craftsmen & artists of various specialties. See Udaipur beyond lakes & palaces. Contribute towards responsible travel & help reduce the carbon footprint when peddle the way through Udaipur & explore it on bicycles

Eklingi & Nagda temples excursions
Housing a manifestation of Shiva, the god who guards the fortunes of the rulers of Mewar, Eklingji is a lovely marble complex made up of 108 temples, the first of which was built in A.D. 734 by Bappa Rawal, legendary founder of the Sisodia clan, who ruled the Mewar kingdom for hundreds of years. The entire complex, most of it rebuilt in the 15th century, has a wonderfully uplifting atmosphere, particularly during prayer times, and never more so than on the Monday evenings when the Maharana of Udaipur is in town and comes to pay his respects here, walking among his subjects as a mere mortal despite the attendant bowing and scraping. The four-faced black lingam (phallic symbol) apparently marks the spot where Bappa Rawal (that's him riding the peacock) was given the title Darwan ("servant") of Eklingji by his guru; outside, facing Shiva, is Nandi, Shiva's vehicle. Wander around the temple complex and you'll find a number of carvings from the Kama Sutra; your explorations won't exceed 30 minutes but the crush at the gate on festival times can be daunting.

Deserted Nagda, which lies 2km  north, is a far cry from this vibrant place of worship. All that survives of the site of the ancient capital of Mewar, which dates back to A.D. 626, are the ruins of the Saas Bahu, a 10th-century Vaishnavite twin temple (Saas meaning "mother-in-law" and Bahu "daughter-in-law") and the remains of Adbhutji Temple. Regrettably, the temples have been vandalized over the years and look much the worse for wear -- unless you're of the archaeological bent, skip them if you're pushed for time despite it being a supremely peaceful place set among lush fields and a picturesque lotus pond.

Visit to Crystal Gallery
The beautiful Crystal Gallery is certainly one of its kind with innumerable rare and unique crystals on display. Established by Maharana Sajjan Singhji, the gallery is almost 129 years old. It was opened for the general public only around 1994 before which the crystals were said to be underground. Due to its sheer beauty and brilliance, the gallery was intentionally hidden from the public eye. Overlooking the Darbar hall, this glittering gallery also houses a royal collection of sofas, mirrors, tiny perfume bottles and other paraphernalia. The gallery is certainly a must visit for its absolutely breathtaking jewels. Considered to be one of the largest private gallery of crystals in the world, the gallery will absolutely mesmerise you.

Meet the rare textile artists
For centuries artisans of Udaipur have created woven, printed dyed and embroidered textiles. These artists have practiced for generations preserving the identity of each art form. Variations in colour, print, texture and finish of these textiles are inherent to the handmade process that have changed little over the years and reflect the individuality of the artist. We will visit the homes of traditional artisans who are friends of Kapil India Tours, some of them the last remaining in the line, to witness, understand, and appreciate the subtle nuances of these art forms unique to Udaipur. It is a rare opportunity to experience the vibrant and diverse world of textiles up close, and at your own pace. An expert will be on hand to answer your questions and help interact with the artists.

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